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International Charitable Organization Fund "Creation"
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At the moment, the priority activities of the und are charitable assistance to the victims of the war, which was started by Russia on the territory of Ukraine.
First of all, organization of transportation (evacuation), accommodation, food, provision of necessary things, treatment, humanitarian assistance, social resettlement, rehabilitation, psychological support and other types of assistance.
The organization's activities are based on voluntary initiatives, on the terms of transparency, decency and full responsibility.
The events are conducted by professional volunteers.
All reports on all activities will be published on the website.

Since the beginning of the invasion of Russian troops and the outbreak of a full-scale war on the territory of Ukraine, we have been working hard to do as much as possible.
Thanks to strong ties with our friends and partners abroad, we hold events to accommodate refugees and internally displaced persons from Ukraine in Europe, including:
- organization of evacuation flights to Bulgaria (already over 200 people);
- organization of an evacuation children's camp in Poland (more than 50 people);
- assistance to Ukrainian families in accommodation in Poland: Krakow, Warsaw, etc.;
- sending Ukrainian families to France in the city of Taizé.
We receive from our foreign friends, distribute to order and deliver a variety of humanitarian aid to those who need it:
- to our valiant soldiers;
- families affected by hostilities;
- people with special needs;
Assisted in the release of a captured Ukrainian who was taken prisoner by Fr. Serpentine. The exchange of prisoners took place on March 24, 2022.
- people from the occupied cities of Ukraine.
We created a patriotic song and made a video together with our talented friends.
We are constantly in dialogue with our partners, looking for new connections, making new friends, implementing new projects and conducting various activities to improve the condition of people affected by Russia's military aggression.
Children's evacuation camp in Poland
Reception of our compatriots in Taizé, France
Our valiant warriors
Transportation of humanitarian aid by rail
Creative everyday life in a children's camp
Logistics of humanitarian aid
Assistance to the famous soldiers of the Armed Forces and the Terrorist Defense
A large list of necessary things
Delivery with all possible options
Assistance to war victims and the families of our defenders
Our friends, comrades, like-minded people
Publications about our activities
Logistics of humanitarian aid, Kyiv
Help for children, Kyiv
Distribution of humanitarian aid in the occupied territory, Kyiv region, Ivankiv city
Everyday life of Ukrainians evacuated to Bulgaria
MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM provided children with disabilities with new wheelchairs in Poltava and 
Odesa regions
Some video reports of our work can be viewed here...
e-mail: intercharitfund@gmail.com
The website is constantly updated and completed. Some photos and videos were obtained from open sources
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